Agriculture and Natural Resources

Agriculture & Natural Resources

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Texas Turfgrasses | AggieTurf

Take Care of Texas Guide to Yard Care (GI-465)

Body Condition, Nutrition and Reproduction of Beef Cows

ERM 1466- Chemical Weed and Brush Control Reference Guide for Rangeland


Submittal Forms for Soil, Water, and Forage Testing

Agricultural and Environmental Safety

Emergency Response and Planning

Worker Protection Standards (WPS)

Will you be applying pesticides for commercial businesses (i.e. for payment), noncommercial agencies (i.e. federal, state, county, or local government), for mosquito control, or privately?

 What License Do I Need?

TDA Licenses and Registration Information

Record Keeping Forms

Pesticide Safety Education Resources


TCEQ Pesticide Permit (TPDES) Information


Structural Pest Management and Education

L-1742 : Bed Bugs E-369 : How to Select a Termite Control Service
E-628 : Broadcast Baits for Fire Ant Control E-333 : Mosquito Control Around the Home
E-412 : Carpenter Ants E-402 : Red Harvester Ants
E-365 : Chiggers E-362 : Scorpions
ENTO-037 : Cockroach Biology and Management E-583 : Silverfish and Firebrats
E-485 : Common Insect and Mite Pests of Humans E-408 : Spiders
E-149 : Controlling Fleas E-239 : Wasps
E-150 : Controlling Ticks E-394 : Wood Boring Beetles of Structures
ER-043 : Flooding and Fire Ants

Department of Animal Science

Beef           Dairy       Horses       Poultry        Sheep & Goats       Swine


Texas Wildlife Services

USDA - APHISUnited States Department of Agriculture 
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service


 AgriLife Extension Wildlife & Fisheries


Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Aquaculture, Fisheries, & Pond Management


Youth Education Programs

Hunter Education Resources


Texas 4-H Natural Resources Program

TEXNAT – Texas Natural Resource Server at Texas A&M

Texas Natural Resources Informaton System (TNRIS)


Department of Animal Sciences



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